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Who Uses Motion Blur in Games?

Who Uses Motion Blur in Games?
motion blur in games

So who uses motion blur in games? Apparently, many games. It looks better without it, but is it necessary? Does it impact gameplay? How does it impact framerate? And what about competitive multiplayer? Should developers stop using it? Here are some tips. But what is the real purpose of motion blur? – To distract players and hide a low framerate. And does it actually improve the overall experience? Let’s find out!

Doesn’t Affect Gameplay

Many gamers believe that cosmetic options do not affect gameplay, but this isn’t the case. Certain designs stand out more against the environment, while others blend in more seamlessly. Certain costumes make characters appear bigger or smaller, or change the hitbox and character model. Regardless of how much the details affect gameplay, you shouldn’t disregard them. Here are some of the ways you can change your character’s appearance to make it feel more authentic.

Should Be Reserved For Cinematic Cutscenes

The best use of motion blur is to enhance the look of a scene without distracting the player. In games, it is best used in cinematic cutscenes. It requires a high rate of speed, so the effect is most effective when used in these scenarios. It should also be used subtly, adding a slight blur to the images, allowing players to take action-rich screenshots without the distracting effect of motion blur.

Can Affect Frame Rate

In first person shooters, simulated motion blur can make the entire screen appear blurry even with slight camera movements. The lack of visual cues can make players feel disoriented. Games that use this technique also affect the quality of graphics. The quality of DOF effects depends on the method used, but they usually take a big hit in frame rate. More affordable alternatives often have jagged edges.

Listed below are some settings that can affect frame rate when using motion blur in games.

  • The first thing to know about motion blur is that it will decrease your FPS in competitive games. It will also reduce your reaction time as you’ll have trouble locating your enemies.
  • The second problem with using motion blur in games is that it restricts your movement in competitive games. This means that you’ll need to have high FPS to win. Fortunately, you can choose to enable or disable the feature based on your preference.

We don’t know Who Uses Motion Blur in Games. But according to the degree of difficulty of the game, everyone makes different preferences. Whichever preference you make, the characteristics of the computer you are using should also be good to avoid problems with the image when playing games. You must remember that.

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