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What Are The Main Objectives Of Information Security?

main objectives of information security
main objectives of information security

VWhat are the main objectives of information securityWhat is Information Security? We will inform you about some effective methods of ensuring information security and information security goals.

What is Information Security?

Information security is the protection of data of all kinds against threats that can come from outside. With the development of technology, cyber attacks have increased, and information theft has also increased. For example, any hacker can get hold of important information on your computer with malicious software.

main objectives of information security
main objectives of information security

These can be your data, pictures, or bank details. Malware often tries to infiltrate computers through free games and programs. Most people’s personal information gets into the hands of others without even realizing it. Therefore, today we will tell you about the main objectives of information security.

Effective Methods of Ensuring Information Security

The main purpose of information security; protection of personal information is to prevent and protect against unauthorized and misuse of data. Some methods used to ensure information security;

  • Do not share your data in environments that you do not trust. Try not to use simple passwords, especially for your computer or mobile phone.
  • The devices used in the processing of information are also among the data sources. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent damage to data sources as well.
  • Identify risks that may occur in connection with information assets and perform them in accordance with the risk assessment approach. Then, a Company Information Security Plan should be created that includes actions to reduce risks.
  • It is necessary to provide information security training to all employees. Because, in this way, it becomes a policy in line with the main objectives of information security.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to places where there is important information. Also, take physical security measures.
  • Run security checks against malicious software to protect your data. For example, run a virus scan.
  • Back up your data in advance against deletion of information.
  • Perform security controls for network access. This way, you will detect unauthorized devices connecting to the network.
  • Also, perform access controls for operating systems and applications. Because it is important to make this check for those who work with a remote connection.
  • To ensure security in network traffic, there are network control security systems. For example, in network security, use a layered security architecture, such as an external firewall, IPS, internal firewall, and SSM. Keep the systems used in network security under constant surveillance. And be sure to use VPN and SSL on connections established with the external network.

Information Security Objectives

Information security objectives; protect the use of all kinds of unauthorized information and prevents the information from being damaged.

  • To perform controlled updates of the system.
  • Minimizing security risks in the system.
  • To ensure that the software used is up-to-date to meet the security requirements of the system.
  • To ensure that each staff member complies with the established safety requirements.
  • Conduct each manager’s work in accordance with information security objectives.
  • In addition, to ensure that each manager works according to information security goals.
  • Ensuring that company data is used per its level of confidentiality.
  • Ensuring that all staff is aware of the information security policy.
  • The final version of the policy should be made known to all personnel and posted in a common area to which personnel has ongoing access.
  • Staff must comply with the general provisions that affect them.
  • The responsibility for verifying that personnel complies with the general provisions rests with the administrative supervisor of the personnel. Because, in this way, compliance with the information security policy is regularly monitored.


In summary, the main objectives of information security are to protect, maintain and manage the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and all support business systems, processes, and applications.

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The information security of each company must fully ensure the continuity of its information systems to protect its reputation, reliability, and information assets, and to ensure that its core and supporting business activities continue with the least possible downtime.

In addition, it should maximize the level of awareness, awareness, and compliance with the safety requirements of employees. At the same time, it ensures full compliance with contracts concluded with third parties. Because, in this way, it aims to minimize the incidents of information security breaches.

As a result, it is aimed at producing and storing information in accordance with the law. It aims to implement the most up-to-date and effective technical security controls. Because, every company employee is responsible for contributing to these goals.

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