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How To Charge Electric Cars?

How To Charge Electric Cars
How To Charge Electric Cars

How to charge electric cars? and How long is the charging time? In fact, this topic is quite curious. If you want to know how long it takes to fully charge an electric car, you must first know how to calculate the charging time. You can do this with the help of an equation that includes the size of the battery and the power of the charger.

You can also calculate the charging time by looking at the three groups of chargers. They are Level 1 charger, Rapid charger, and Supercharger. This article will go through each of these groups so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Types of Car Chargers According to Charging Times

Level 1 charger

Level One chargers for electric cars use a 120-volt AC plug to recharge the batteries of a vehicle. They can also be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The Level 1 EVSE cable features a three-prong household plug on one end and a J1722 vehicle connector on the other. Depending on the battery size and state of charge, charging rates range from 1.4kW to threekW.

You can simply plug your vehicle’s cord into a wall outlet or purchase a dedicated wall charger. Level one chargers recharge your battery at approximately four to five miles per hour, depending on your driving style, weather, and onboard battery converter. The process takes around eight to twelve hours to fully recharge a depleted battery. You can do it overnight or while you’re driving. So this type of charging is the easiest and most cost-effective way to charge your electric cars.

Rapid charger

A new rapid charger for electric cars has just been installed in Bury St Edmunds town centre. Highways England has invested PS400,000 in the installation of 11 of these charging points across East Anglia. The new facility will allow drivers to substantially recharge their EV battery in just 30 minutes. There will also be a number of public charging points available for EV drivers in the town. The rapid charger will allow drivers to park their electric car for free and visit shops and restaurants without worrying about charging their car again.

The charge time varies, from thirty minutes to twelve hours, depending on the model of your vehicle and the speed of the charging point. It typically takes eight hours to charge a typical electric car battery from empty to full. But most drivers prefer to top up their battery when they reach a certain level of range. A 50kW rapid charger can add 100 miles of range in just 35 minutes. This charging time is comparable to the range of an average petrol or diesel car. By applying this method, you can charge your electric cars.


You can find the nearest Supercharger for your electric car by searching online. PlugShare (Google PlayApp Store) is the largest community for electric vehicle drivers. It features ratings and photos of electric car charging stations, as well as other useful information. You can use this app to browse the map, add new charging stations, and filter by power level. The website even allows you to save your favorite charging locations to your iPhone. For example, you can find a charging station near you, and even filter by power level for North America. Thanks to the application you can learn how to charge electric cars.

The problem of battery range has caused Tesla owners to be skeptical about their vehicles. Tesla executives knew that EVs would face range anxiety and were proactive in building its own Supercharger network. Some stations are so close together that there is a long wait. Tesla has reacted by inviting all kinds of EVs to use them. But some EV owners have complained about long wait times and crowded stations. As such, the company is slowly opening up its network to non-Teslas.

Will We Be Able To Charge Electric Cars At Home?

Yes, we will be able to charge our electric cars at home or at work. In fact, for this purpose, it will be enough for the relevant companies to provide the most appropriate solutions to our needs after the technical test that they will do in our homes. This way you will learn how to charge electric cars.

Since the charging of electric cars is a slow, fast and very fast charging, we can divide them into 3 different levels. Because these levels are based on the power used to charge the car.

Will Mobility In The Oil Market Accelerate The Transition To Electric Cars?

Now countries have started to allocate funds in their budgets for the installation of electric charging stations. There is an interpretation that the turmoil in the oil market could accelerate the transition to electric vehicles worldwide. Therefore, as prices at gas station pumps rose, people began to turn to alternative means.

In addition, the number of electric vehicles has increased rapidly with the increase of charging stations. These developments will greatly reduce the questions of how to charge electric cars in the coming years.In fact, automobile manufacturers have paid attention to the production of electric vehicles and have released a large number of models in the last few years. You’ve probably seen a lot of electric vehicles around you.

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