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Computer Connected to TV Goes Black For a Few Seconds

Computer Connected to TV Goes Black For a Few Seconds
Computer Connected to TV Goes Black For a Few Seconds

Computer Connected to TV Goes Black For a Few Seconds; We have the solution!

If you are having problems with your TV screen being distorted, black, or blank when you connect your computer to it, you may want to try some of these solutions. They should solve the problem in most cases. Try uninstalling software and reinstalling it. Faulty power board or HDMI cable may also be to blame. Finally, you should replace the backlight if the problem isn’t caused by software.

If the Computer Connected to the TV Goes Black for a Few Seconds, you can overcome it with the following methods.


Some Solutions Against Screen Darkening

Uninstalling Software

The first step to troubleshoot the problem is to uninstall any installed software on the system. It is possible that you are using buggy software and this is the culprit of your black screen. Additionally, some applications may be overly hot and this may be the cause of your problem. You may have to remove them completely in order to fix the issue. If none of these steps works, you should try uninstalling the entire program.

If the Computer Connected to the TV turns black again for a Few Seconds after uninstalling these applications, follow these steps.

Faulty HDMI Cable

You may have a faulty HDMI cable, or your TV has a malfunctioning port. Try switching the HDMI cable from one input device to another and retest it. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the cable. Try other devices with the same HDMI connector to test its performance. Faulty HDMI cables are a sign of a hardware problem.

Check if you’ve inserted the HDMI cable correctly. Because an improperly inserted HDMI cable causes the computer connected to the TV to turn black for a few seconds. Check if you see any frayed wires. If you can mirror your screen, you’ve inserted the cable properly. If you can’t find the HDMI port in the computer settings, call a tech support technician. Otherwise, you’ll have to connect your television to the computer with a VGA cable.

Faulty Power Board

If you’ve just noticed that the screen on your computer hooked up to your television goes black for a few seconds, you may be dealing with a faulty power board. While this is a fairly simple repair, it can be difficult to do at home. Check for signs of wear and tear on the board and capacitors, as well as any burn marks or leaks. Because such symptoms also cause the computer connected to the TV to go black for a few seconds and also damage other computer hardware.

If you have trouble finding a spare part for your board, you can try visiting a service centre. Most likely, the service center will replace the entire board, or send the faulty one off to be repaired elsewhere.

Another possible reason for the screen to go black is a failed internal power board. These boards pull heavy weight to power the display, and if they fail, the screen will occasionally go black for a few seconds. Overheating may also cause the TV to shut down, but you should contact the manufacturer’s customer service team as soon as possible to find out what’s wrong.

Faulty Backlight

If your TV has a faulty backlight, it may be a sign that the monitor has a problem. There are a few things to check before calling a technician, however. The first thing to check is if the monitor is receiving power. Check for power light near the On/Off switch and make sure the cables are in good condition. If the power light still doesn’t work, try cleaning the screen with distilled water and vinegar. It may take several hours for the solution to take effect, so try again tomorrow.

In fact, if the Computer Connected to the TV Turns Black for a Few Seconds, most often this is due to physical problems. The next thing to do is to check the HDMI cable. It is very easy to mistake a broken HDMI cable for a faulty backlight. You should also check the signal that is sent from the TV. You might be able to fix this problem by disconnecting the external device that is causing the problem. If the problem is not resolved, the screen backlights on the left side of the screen have stopped working.


You have tried these methods, but if the Computer Connected to the TV Turns Black for a Few Seconds, we recommend that you consult an expert for a technical solution. Because the problems that we see as small can have different consequences that we cannot predict.

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