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Can You Charge A Macbook With A Cell Phone Charger?

can you charge a macbook with a phone charger

Can you charge a Macbook with a cell phone charger? Chargers are now a part of our lives and we always have them in our bags. When we are in a hurry, we sometimes forget the charger of our laptop or tablet and look for alternative charging solutions. In this post, can you charge a Macbook with a cell phone charger? We will look at the answer to this question. If you have a smartphone charger or power bank, that works too.

Macs with a USB-C port

Although the USB-C connectors are the same, the voltage distribution is not the same, and the mobile phone charger delivers a nominal voltage of 5 V, while the Mac requires a much higher voltage. You must use a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) compatible charger (e.g. Apple’s 20W USB-C power adapter). It can be quite slow depending on the watt count (only applicable to Macs with a USB-C port).

If you are doing something intensive on your Macbook, the power consumption can reach 10 watts, but you can use it for browsing the web, watching videos, viewing photos, etc. – New generation laptops are optimized to consume as little power as possible. This prolongs the life of the battery.

How is Power Consumption Measured?

It is possible to measure power consumption using software that runs on the Macbook and reads the Macbook’s sensors. For example, if we just surf the web, send e-mails or look at pictures, we usually consume around 4 to 5 W. Watching a Netflix or Youtube video that requires constant computing power consumes 7 to 8 W of processing power.

With average use, Apple says the battery lasts for about 10 hours, which is an average consumption of 54.5 W. Today’s cell phone chargers vary considerably in power. Older devices consume about 5 W, while newer modern chargers consume about 18 W. If we take into account the power consumption, the question of Whether you Can Charge a Macbook with a Mobile Phone Charger becomes a little thought-provoking.

According to these data, the 5V 2A charger easily meets the average power consumption for typical use. Depending on the model, the MacBook Pro requires at least about 65 watts from a USB-C charger, close to 100 watts for 16-inch models, and 140 watts from an original Apple power supply for fast charging.


The iPhone’s charger is very weak, and Apple recommends that you do not use a smaller power supply than the one that came with the device. If you ask if you Can Charge a Macbook with a Mobile Phone Charger for this, you should think about it again. 

We don’t want you to have problems with your device. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact Apple (support.apple.com) for more technical information. You can read our previous article “How to Upgrade to iOS 15.5?” here.

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