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Can Someone Hack My Phone And Read My Messages?

Can someone hack my phone
Can someone hack my phone

There are two ways that someone can try to hack your phone so that they can read your messages. The first one is that he physically uses your phone and does it by installing spyware. The second is the cyber attack activities that it will do to your phone remotely.

The person who uses it installs spyware on your phone and tracks all the actions you perform on your phone. It reaches your messages, calls, and even your account information for the applications you use. First of all, spyware applications are the most popular way to hack someone else’s phone.

Moreover, the links in the text messages sent to your cell phone by unknown people are not safe. Similarly, the files in emails sent to you by unknown people are not safe. They may contain malware that can hack your cell phone.


How Do I Know If Someone Is Hacking My Phone?

Mobile phones create their own special space for everyone. Almost every phone in every part of the world necessarily encounters a cyber attack. There are 3 important points to avoid being affected by the negative situations that will arise and minimize the risks of an attack.

  • Ways to attack a mobile phone
  • Recognize attacks
  • Protection from malicious persons

If something unusual happens to your phone, you need to consider the possibility of an attack. Among these, deceleration, overheating, battery running out immediately, and other applications on your phone not working properly are among the most obvious features. If someone hacks your phone, it means that he can reset various passwords, and send emails and text messages. You should remember that your contact list may also be affected by this attack. In addition, other people registered on your phone will be damaged by the attack.

If you notice slowness in the applications on your phone, you should be suspicious. When using applications, spyware takes action and tries to access your information. At this time, the application you open slows down. For example, malware running in the background while you are using the banking application hijacks the login and password information that you are logged in to the application.

Therefore, using malware protection programs developed for mobile phones is important for the security of your phone. Thanks to these programs, the question of whether someone can hack my phone is losing its importance.

Another most important problem is that your phone reboots itself, shuts down and opens back-to-back applications. These problems are a result of your mobile phone being hacked. Remember that only a malicious software that processes on your mobile phone performs such operations.

Applications Used For Phone Tracking

The most commonly used spyware for attack and tracking are programs such as Spy Phone App, Spyzie, and Spyera. All of these applications that we have listed are for tracking people. You should find out from an expert if there are any files belonging to these applications on your phone.

Unprotected Wireless Networks

Using the Internet over an unprotected wireless network is also a situation that is vulnerable to attack. In particular, all your internet traffic over Wi-Fi is open for sharing by everyone around you. Malicious attackers connected to the same network will hack your phone by gaining access to all connected devices.

Stay away from networks with suspicious names, such as ”FreeInternet“ or ”wifiFree”. It is safer to connect to password-protected networks. Also, do not make banking transactions and purchases over publicly available Wi-Fi networks.

Unknown USB

Also, when charging your phone with a USB, the source of which you do not know, you should remember that there is a risk that your data will be exported. For example, in airports or crowded places, this risk is greater.

Sms Phishing

It is a cyber attack activity that contains information about you. For example, this happens more often when you receive a text message stating that you have a bank statement or photos. After you open the message content and download the files, you open the way for those who want to hack your phone. Therefore, before opening the incoming message content, make it clear that the sender of the message is a real person. If you received a message with a link and you can’t see the full URL, never open the message.

Signaling System SS7

All of the hackers who carried out the attack can read text messages, listen to phone calls and track your mobile phone locations thanks to the SS7 Signaling System used by phone stations. If there are sounds and echoes in the background during your phone conversation, it’s a sign that someone has hacked your phone.

Charging Devices

If you are going to charge your phone through an unknown computer, select the “Charge Only” option. Someone can hack your phone through computers, be careful of this. Also, do not use the ”Remember passwords” feature. Others will also see your data through your saved password.


All of what we are saying is the answer to the question of whether someone can hack my phone. Although all spyware works in incognito mode, you will certainly encounter the sample problems described above on your phone. If you keep the software of your mobile phone constantly updated, you minimize the risk of encountering these problems. Because up-to-date software will always contain security improvements, if there is spyware on your phone, it will prevent it. In addition, if you encounter any other problems, it is better to go to the mobile phone service to get a clearer result.

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