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Can A Phone Be Tracked Without A Sim Card?

can a phone be tracked without a sim card
can a phone be tracked without a sim card

Can A Phone Be Tracked Without A Sim Card? The possibility of monitoring a phone without a sim card depends on some conditions. You can use your mobile phone without a sim card. Mobile phones that do not have a sim card cannot make calls and send text messages dec the cellular network. A mobile phone without a sim card can call an ambulance, a fire department, and a police station only in case of an emergency. We will try to find out the answer to the question of whether a phone without a sim card is traceable.

How to watch without a sim card here are some ways;

Using WiFi Without Sim Card

There is no requirement to have a sim card for a mobile phone to connect to wifi. The sim card in your phone has a different task. The sim card authenticates through IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). At this stage, the mobile network keeps your mobile phone in a central database that belongs to the mobile network. In addition, the information known as HLR in this central database contains subscriber information that belongs to you. This is how your Sim card works when you connect to your service provider via any mobile phone.

For more information about IMSI, you can read the following google help page.


Making A Bluetooth Connection Without a Sim Card

By connecting two different phones via Bluetooth, sharing data reveal your identity. If the “Bluetooth tethering” feature is enabled on the device that can access the internet after pairing the two devices, your phone will be traceable without a sim card. Bluetooth Tethering allows a mobile device’s internet connection to be shared with other devices. Every place you go Online is a sufficient criterion for you to be watchable.

Using The Mobile Port

Mobile ports allow you to use mobile phones as an Internet center and connect to the Internet. This connection provides internet sharing to all devices connected to the network. It functions as a wireless router by converting another mobile data connection into a WiFi signal. So a phone using this connection feature is traceable without a sim card. Because every mobile phone user has an ID (IMEI), your movements can be detected with this ID through every environment where you log on to the Internet.

Finally, the mobile port is a feature that is available on Android mobile phones. On mobile phones with the iOS operating system, the mobile port is named after the personal access point name.

Ethernet Connection

You can make an internet connection using a USB-Ethernet converter via your mobile phone with an advanced USB-C input. But even in this way, it will be very easy to identify your connection ID if you don’t have a sim card.

Using A WiFi Access Point

When you connect to another phone or device with an active Wifi hotspot, you get access to the Internet. If you make a connection using this method, the device with the hotspot will appear on your network connections. You will need the password to make the connection. However, if you use this connection method again, it will not be very difficult to detect you.

It can even be hacked when your phone is connected to any network. You can read our article, the topic of which is 5 great ways to fix a hacked phone.

In general, it is possible to monitor your phone from anywhere you connect to the Internet. The application you are using, the websites you have entered, the devices or internet access points you have connected to, accesses the details of the devices connected to manage network traffic. If you have established a connection in this way, a phone becomes trackable without a sim card. It is possible to determine which device you are connecting to, your IP address, and also where you are connecting from, even if your location is turned off.

So, How To Block The Traceability Of A Phone Without A Sim Card?

Can a Phone Be Tracked Without a Sim Card? Yes, the answer to this question is tracked. But to minimize traceability without a sim card, you should pay attention to the following steps. Please note that it is never possible to be untraceable, but the following actions will minimize the traceability of a phone.

  • Do not make a WiFi connection in any way.
  • Delete all applications that have access to your location.
  • Do not use Bluetooth, Ethernet, or a mobile port.
  • Turn off the location services of your phone.

For a phone to be completely untraceable, it must not be used in any way or even turned off. Any time a phone receives a signal, it is open for monitoring.

Making a Phone Call without a sim card

You will not be able to make any phone calls because a connection to your mobile service provider cannot be established without your sim card. Your sim card allows you to access the network. For emergency calls, your phone uses other cellular service providers. In addition, making a phone call without a sim card is only valid for emergency calls.

Also, if your mobile phone has internet access, you can make phone calls through different applications. If the application you are using accesses your location, a phone enters the list of phones that can be monitored without a sim card. You can also do this through applications such as Skype, WhatsApp or Signal. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can make a phone call through the appropriate applications for the call.

What Can Not Be Done Without A Sim Card

You cannot send and receive text messages when your phone’s mobile service is not turned on. You cannot perform this operation without a sim card. However, as long as you have an internet connection, it is possible to receive and send messages through messaging applications. Even in this way; a phone is tracked without a sim card.

The processes of receiving and sending messages also use mobile data. In order to use mobile data, you must have a sim card. Mobile data service is provided by telecommunications companies. Therefore, if you do not have a sim card, you will not be able to receive and send messages.


In general, you can also use a phone without a sim card. However, it will not be very difficult to determine your location via your Ip address at any time when you establish an internet connection. In today’s article, we answered whether a phone is watchable without a sim card. We have shared your points of attention with you. I would like to point out that the new technologies used to detect our location wherever we are in the world are increasing every day.

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